Hangzhou Siye Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturing company in China dedicated to designing, production, and assembly of CNC machined parts. We mainly excel in producing precision machinery parts, mechanical parts assembly, vacuum equipment parts, and automatic welding of medical equipment parts etc.

Our company was established in December 2015, is one of the main production company of Mechanical equipment. The Shenyang machine equipment has three- four-axis machining centers, and a CNC oblique car. Moreover, the equipment precision is not more than a trace; auxiliary equipment turret milling, drilling, sewing machine, tapping machine, etc.

We are located at Xiaoshan Xintang Science Park. Our company’s technical staff has been working in Japanese enterprises from the past few five years with a strong sense of responsibility and excellence, and still on our way to learn new technology pursuing new goal.

Quality and service are the basic roots for taking our company to this current reputation, and so these features had made us undergo through fundamental survival. Besides, what makes our company the top one is the pursuit of customer support and recognition, and an aim of establishing a long-term supportive relationship with relevant domestic automatic mechanical, and vacuum equipment.

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