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Hangzhou Siye Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading CNC machined parts suppliers in China. We produce high-quality precision machined parts on modern machines for our customers at lowest price using latest CNC machining and Turing processes.

Our company was founded in December 2015, located in Xiaoshan Xintang Science Park. We are specialized in the designing, production and assembly of mechanical parts including vacuum equipment parts, high-precision machinery parts, mechanical parts assembly, custom CNC machined parts, and automatic welding of medical equipment parts etc.

Being one of the leading CNC machined parts manufacturers of China, we are committed to providing high-quality and reliable machining parts and supplies to different industrial clients according to their requirements.

Hangzhou Siye offers complete CNC machining solutions for high-precision to manual processing. Our highly skilled operators can produce custom machined parts accurately according to client’s requirement on our state of the art platform at very economical prices.


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